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Heart On My Sleeve

Today is World Mental Health Day, so it seems fitting that here at ESCA Group we are proud to announce that we have officially partnered with Sydney based charity “Heart On My Sleeve” (HOMS). 

HOMS is an emotional wellness social movement and early intervention services provider led by Mitch Wallis, who has publicly shared his stories of immense battles with anxiety, depression & a lifetime of mental illnesses online with his vast audience. 

An innovator and driving force in the mental health space with the goal to transform the lives of 1 billion people to be more mentally healthy, Mitch has created “Real Conversations” – a mental health training platform alongside “Real Mates” – a dedicated peer support program of accredited mental health mentors in workplaces and communities.

At ESCA we are dedicated to help fund this incredible cause, one that is close to our hearts so that in the future every human being on the planet can be real about how they feel, helping them to drop the brave face and connect in meaningful ways during challenging times.

As of Monday 10th October, each ESCA venue will donate $1 from the sale of the following items when you dine with us:

  • Aalia’s Eggplant mes ‘a’ aha, spiced tomato  
  • Lilymu’s ‘Tom yum’ prawn dumplings, soy and lime dressing
  • Nour’s Tamuru Passion
  • Henrietta’s whole chicken meal
  • Cuckoo Callay’s avocado toast

Through our donations, we can empower individuals, increase resilience and connection, and lower suicide and mental illness levels. Find out more about our charity partner Heart on my Sleeve via their website

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