Introducing a refined dining experience with Middle Eastern nuances, meet our newest restaurant, AALIA. Shedding light on foreign flavours and unique culinary techniques, AALIA is no exception to the sensory affair.

Combining beautiful ingredients across territories and times, AALIA looks to provide diners with an Arabian odyssey of dishes. At the helm of it all is Executive Chef, Paul Farag, who has spent years delving deep into the food landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa in order to bring forgotten ingredients to the forefront.

“Through food, we’re trying to showcase a beautiful region of the world which almost everyone seems to forget has a luscious coastline, flanked by oceans, rivers, and seas. I want this menu to reflect a lighter way of shared eating – in the same way you assume a Mediterranean restaurant is going to be bright and fresh in flavour, this is truly the same principle for Middle Eastern cuisine. The idea behind the menu itself is to start with a few raw dishes and mezze, followed by mains and sides, with each dish crafted to represent a particular region, or specific era of Arabic culture”, explains Executive Chef, Paul Farag.

Whether you choose to indulge in the banquet menu or order a la carte, know that every detail of service has been carefully considered to ensure AALIA provides an authentic food journey. Most recommended is the Persian Caviar served with malawach, diced shallot, labneh, and a sprinkling of chives, as well as the traditional Murray Cod Masgouf – often considered the national dish of Iraq. Butterflied along the bone before being barbequed low and slow, a traditional masgouf glaze of garlic, turmeric, tamarind, and the juice of apples and pineapples is brushed on whilst cooking, bringing a smoky, acidic flavour to this fish dish.

A soft dining space; the sculptural features of the restaurant pay homage to Sydney’s iconic MLC Centre. Distinguished Australian architect, Matt Darwon, is responsible for crafting a level of theatre and warmth within the 150-seat venue, to perfectly complement the menu.

“The AALIA space is a veritable representation of function meeting form, a space that will remain architecturally relevant for decades to follow. “says Jorge Farah, Executive Director and Co-Founder of ESCA.

“AALIA has come to further represent our ESCA portfolio with a truly unique restaurant that showcases the diversity of the Middle East, and we’re excited to bring such deep cultural and culinary insights to Sydney diners”, says Ibrahim Moubadder, Executive Director and Co-Founder of ESCA.

Upon entry, AALIA encourages diners to leave their assumptions at the door, embrace the unexplored, and reimagine culinary possibilities.

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